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CMFTW Package

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The CMFTW Package is our highest horsepower setup to date.  The best of the best, boasting 3000+whp! The CMFTW speaks for itself! This Package includes,

CMFuckTheWorld Package


- Calvo Motorsports Built 549 Cubic in Billet Block

- Calvo Motorsports 4.200 Billet Crank Shaft

- Calvo Motorsports Spec Aluminum Rods

- Calvo Motorsports High Compression Pistons

- Calvo Motorsports Spec Solid Roller Billet Cam Shaft

- Calvo Motorsports Spec Titanium Intake Valves

- Calvo Motorsports Spec Inconel Exhaust Valves

- Calvo Motorsports Fire Rings

- Itski Lifters

- Jessel Rocker Arms



- Twin PTE 8685 42R Frame Turbos

- 5-1 Billet Collector Tubular Manifolds Made From Aircraft Quality Stainless Steel

- 3” Mid-pipes Made From Aircraft Quality Stainless Steel w/ Billet V-Band Flanges

- Calvo Motorsports Air to Water Intercooler System w/ CAN Based EMP Pump & Fittings

- Calvo Motorsports Heat Exchanger

- Dual 4” Stainless Steel Exhaust

- All Aluminum Charge Piping



- PPG Straight Cut Sequential w/ Billet Front Plate & Mid Case



- Calvo Motorsports/Bonifonte Quad Carbon Clutch 



- Calvo Motorsports Custom Billet 9” Set Up

- Billet Chromoly Axels

- Billet Aluminum Driveshaft 



- Calvo Motorsports In-Tank Brushless Pump w/ Controller (2500hp)

- Calvo Motorsports Quad Billet Rail Set Up

- (20) ID700 CC Injectors

- Weldon External Sumped 2000hp Pump

- Fuel Lab Twin Filters

- Weldon Twin Filters

- All Line Crimp Style, No Screw Together 



- Motec M190 

- Motec LTC-D

- Motec PDM

- Motec Dual Shaft Speed Sensors

- Motec Dual Back Pressure Sensors

- Motec Coolant Pressure Sensors

- Motec Traction Control

- Calvo Motorsports Custom Motec Harness

- NTK Dual Widebands

- Torque By Gear


SUSPENSION: *Optional, yet highly recommended*

- Penske Custom Valved Calvo Spec FULL

- Tubular Rear Control Arms

- Spherical Control Arm Bushings



- Calvo Motorsports Custom Billet 18” Wheels Front & Rear

- Calvo Motorsports Custom 15” Rear Wheels

            - 15” CM Conversion Small Brakes

            - Calvo Motorsports Tubular Upper Control Arms

            - Calvo Motorsports Billet Tension Rods

            - Calvo Motorsports Billet Rear Knuckles

- Calvo Motorsports Fully Tucked 10-Point Cage w/ Reupholstered Alcantera Interior

- Calvo Motorsports Fully Tucked 4-Point Roll Bar

- Calvo Motorsports ACR Rear Wing

- Calvo Motorsports ACR Front Splitter

- Upgraded Tires




2,200 FT LBS.