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CM Gen V 9L Stroker Package

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For those looking to get the most out their naturally aspirated V10, the 9L stroker kit is the package for you. This package comes with everything that you would get in a heads/cam kit plus the additional work to the bottom end to make it a 9L. What this includes is a custom spec crank, pistons, and rods. This 9L Stroker Kit provides neck snapping acceleration and still retains day to day factory driveability. If you desire to put a PPG Sequential with the kit, it will require the insatllation of a MoTeC in order to make it run. With this option, the car can be tuned for more whp/tq than what we make with the factory ecu tunning. 



- Calvo Motorsports Gen 5 Head/Cam

- Calvo Motorsports Custom Spec Cam

- Headgames Exclusive CNC Ported And Polished Cylinder Heads

- Upgraded Valves

- Conical Spring

- Titanium Retainers

- Bronze Valve Guides

- Vario-Cam Delete Kit

- Upgraded Johnson Lifters

- Core exchange required on heads



- Calvo Motorpsort Custom 9L Crank

- Calvo Motorsport Custom 9L Piston/Rod Combo

- Calvo Motorsport Rod Bearing Service 

- Reworking of the the oiling system

- Headers And Custom Exhaust With Billet V-Bands



- MoTec

- Installed & Tuned


Core exchange required on Heads



785whp/730tq on 93 Octane

800whp+/740tq+ on Race Gas