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Gen IV CM1300 Package

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SKU-122-Stock-Gen IV Pistons/Rods
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The CM1300 package is our entry level Twin Turbo system for Gen IV Vipers. This kit was designed to make your Viper perform like a 1300whp car all while keeping stock drivability and reliability. We offer a 2 year/20,000 Mile warranty with this package up to setting 6 (1250whp). We also offer an option to do the Gen V piston/rod upgrade which will increase the horse power, listed below. This package includes:


- Twin 67mm Turbos

- Turbosmart Billet Wastegates

- Turbosmart Billet Blow Off Valves

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel SCH10 Exhaust Manifolds With 5-1 Billet Collectors

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel SCH10 Midpipes

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel 3" Exhaust Using Aircraft Quality Metal

- High Temp Ceramic Coating On Exhaust Manifolds

- Custom Made Manifold/Midpipe Mittens



- Calvo Motorsports Billet Fuel Pump Hanger

- Triple High Flow Fuel Pumps

- Custom Machines Billet Fuel Rails With Billet Holding Straps

- Fore Innovatoins Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator

- ID1300 Injectors

-Fuel Lab Fuel Filters



- RPS/Nth Moto Triple Carbon Clutch



- Billet 5th Gear Upgraded



- Optionla DCS Electronic Suspension And Brain



- M1 Motec

- Custom Wire Harness

- Boost By Gear




- Machined Crankshaft And Bearings Replaced

- Stainless Steel Upper Coolant Pipe

- Stainless Steel Fuse Box Shield

- Billet Motor Mounts

- Optional Gen V Piston/Rod Upgrade



900WHP - Pump Gas 93

1250WHP - VP C16 (Setting 6)


With Upgraded Piston/Rod Option:

1100whp - Pump Gas

1300whp - VP C16 (setting 6)