CM1300X Package

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Product Overview

Our CM1300X Package is the next step up in turbo systems from our stock motor package. With the CM1300X, you get everything that comes in the CM1300 but we build the bottom end with adding pistons and rods to the combo and upgraded headwork. With this combo we are able to make a safe and reliable 1400whp that can be used and driven every day. The CM1300X will make 1200whp on 93 octane and 1400whp on C16 or E85. This package comes with our 2 Year/20K Mile Warranty. 



- Twin 67mm Turbos

- Turbosmart Billet Wastegates

- Turbosmart Billet Blow Off Valves

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel SCH10 Exhaust Manifolds With 5-1 Billet Collectors

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel SCH10 Midpipes

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel 3" Exhaust Using Aircraft Quality Metal

- High Temp Ceramic Coating On Exhaust Manifolds

- Custom Made Manifold/Midpipe Mittens



- Calvo Motorsports Billet Fuel Pump Hanger

- Triple High Flow Fuel Pumps

- Custom Machines Billet Fuel Rails With Billet Holding Straps

- Fore Innovatoins Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator

- ID1300 Injectors For C16 or 1700's If Doing E85

- Fuel Lab Fuel Filters



- RPS/Nth Moto Triple Carbon Clutch



- Billet 5th Gear Upgraded



- Optionla DCS Electronic Suspension And Brain



- M1 Motec With Ninjaneering Firmware

- Custom Wire Harness

- Boost By Gear

- Collin Murphy Dyno and Street Tune



- Machined Crankshaft And Bearings Replaced

- Calvo Motorsports Piston/Rod Upgrade

- Conical Springs

- Titanium Retainers

- Trunion Upgrade

- ARP Headstuds

- Custom Spec MLS Headgasket 

- Stainless Steel Upper Coolant Pipe

- Stainless Steel Fuse Box Shield

- Billet Motor Mounts

- External Wet Sump Pump

- Rear Mount Oil Coolers



1200WHP - Pump Gas 93

1400WHP - VP C16 or E85 (Setting 6)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review