CM2000 Package

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Product Overview

Calvo Motorsports CM2000 Twin Turbo System is one of our top tier packages we offer for the Gen V Viper. This package features the top of the line products as well as custom built parts, in house, that you won't be able to get anywhere else. This package will make 2000whp and still be able to be completely street driven without a hassle. This package includes:


- Custom Twin Billet 76mm 42R Turbo Chargers

- Turbosmart Billet Wastegates

- Turbosmart Billet Blow Off Valves

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel SCH10 Exhaust Manifolds With 5-1 Billet Collectors

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel SCH10 Midpipes

- Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel 4" Exhaust Using Aircraft Quality Metal

- High Temp Ceramic Coating On Exhaust Manifolds

- Custom Made Manifold/Midpipe Mittens

- Custom Fabricated Aluminum Induction System

- Custom Fabricated Air To Water Intercooler System



- Calvo Motorsports Billet Fuel Pump Hanger

- Triple High Flow Fuel Pumps

- Custom Machines Billet Fuel Rails With Billet Holding Straps

- Fore Innovations Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator

- ID2600 Injectors

-Fuel Lab Fuel Filters



- RPS Quad Carbon Carbon



- PPG Dog-Box(H Pattern) or PPG Sequential

- Custom Strange IRS 9" With Custom Brackets

- Billet Axles

- Upgraded Driveshaft



- Optional DCS Electronic Suspension And Brain



- M1 Motec With Dev Lic And Ninjaneering Firmware

- Custom Wire Harness

- Boost By Gear

- WOT Sequential Shifting And Auto Blip Downshifts

- Collin Murphy Dyno and Street Tune



- Calvo Motorsports Stage 4 Engine Build

- Upgraded Head Studs And Main Studs

- Upgraded Push Rods

- CNC Ported Race Heads

- Titanium Intakes Valves, Inconel Exhaust Valves

- Copper Seats

- Jesel Rocker Arms With Steel Exhaust Rockers



- Calvo Motorsports 4 Point Roll Bar And Harness

- *Optional 15" Wheel Conversion*



1350whp Using 93 Octane Pump Gas

2000whp+ Using VP C16



(No reviews yet) Write a Review